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is the most important meal during our customer's stay

A satisfied customer

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A rich and appealing buffet

is a delight for the eyes and the palate

Best quality products

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Eat tasty, live positive

The expansion in Italy of an already well-established reality in the European and extra-European market

Fruiterroir is the Luxembourg holding of an international group of enterprises operating in the food sector.
In June 2014 Fruiterroir created Yes Food Italia S.r.l. purchasing the product lines 'Breakfast' and 'Gastronomia' and 'Ho.Re.Ca' - the distribution network for the Italian market - from the division Food Solutions of Unilever Italia Mkt Operations.

Products and Solutions for Restaurants and Hotels

Yes Food Italia is a young and dynamic reality in the world of distribution of foodstuff for catering operators.
It addresses to customers who know catering trying to meet their daily needs and following the nutrition and eating out trends. The identity and role of Yes Food Italia are:

  • Carrier and defender of a tasty culinary offer and a positive approach to high quality food;
  • Supplier of useful, advantageous and efficient solutions to improve the operators' daily operations and their business profits.

It is the owner of Yabon ®, Grand Choice ®, Yescafè ®, Casamia ® and distributor of brands leaders in the food sector such as Kellogg’s ®, Pringles ®, Kimbo ®, Nutella ®, Galbusera ®, Paluani ® and Farmo ®.


Breakfast for Hotels

Breakfast is the main meal for Hotel guests and it is also the main indicator of their satisfaction level during their stay. The operators in this sector are increasingly focusing on the breakfast assortment in terms both of quality of food and variety on offer. Yes Food Italia offers a large and diversified selection of products exclusively created for hotels, together with a very useful equipment which helps the operators set up and organize the breakfast buffet.

Culinary Line
for the Organized Catering

Yes Food Italia is owner and distributor of a large range of culinary products suitable for the preparation and offer of rich and tasty savoury dishes. The best products exclusively deriving from selected and guaranteed ingredients, suitable for the preparation of attractive dishes both for the buffet in the dining room and the table service and various recipes conceived to meet all the gastronomy needs.

Our Brands

Distributed Brands


Yabon Rusks

Yabon Biscuits

Yabon Mini Tarts and Tarts

Yabon Gluten Free

Yabon Cream Dessert and Topping

Yabon Soluble Drinks

Grand Choice Concentrated Juice - bib

Grand Choice Concentrated Juice - tank

Grand Choice 1,5l Tetrapack Juice

Grand Choice Canned Fruits

Grand Choice Canned Jam 2,3 kg

Grand Choice Extra Jam Monoportions - glass package 28g

Grand Choice Extra Jam Monoportions - aluminium package 25g

Grand Choice Jam Monoportions - plastic package 20g

Grand Choice Light Jam Monoportions - plastic package 17g

Yescafe' Instant Coffee

Yescafe' Grain Coffee

Yescafe' Sugar Monoportions Spack

Nutella Chocolate Cream

ZUEGG Extra Jam Monoportions - Aluminium package 25g

Doemi Biscuits and Tartlets

Galbusera Biscuits

Gentilini Biscuits

Laurieri Biscuits

Paluani Baked Products

Paluani Baked Products Palm Oil Free

Farmo Gluten Free Products

Alce Nero organic products - Breakfast

Kimbo Coffee

Crastan Instant Drinks

Cereali monoporzioni

Cereali Maxi Formato

Formato Famiglia

Snack Dolci

Snack Salati

IBERITOS Patè monoportion

Gourmet - Creams Casamia

Gourmet - gli Sfiziosi Casamia

Gourmet - Mushrooms Casamia

Prepared - Classics Casamia

Prepared - Grilled Casamia

Prepared - i Saporiti Casamia

Naturals - gli Appetitosi Casamia

Naturals - dal Campo Casamia

Naturals - Olives Casamia

Naturals - Red Casamia

Seafood Casamia

Alce Nero organic products - Gastronomy


At your service, to improve your business efficiency and profits

Organize breakfast in your Hotel at your best.Organize your buffet with ease and method choosing a standard or customized arrangement in the dining room to really offer your guests your experience in breakfast.

Make your service more efficient with the support of the most suitable equipment. We are able to give you ad hoc solutions with the guarantee of leader suppliers in the sector.

Facilitate and simplify the operations in your kitchen with the help of tools of undeniable and proved efficiency to allow your chef to concentrate on his/her own creativity.

Big Equipment for the Table Service in the Dining Room or for the Operations in the Kitchen




Small equipment for the buffet with sweet and savoury dishes


Un impegno concreto

La Direzione della YES FOOD ITALIA SRL ha adottato una Politica per la Qualità, che ha come scopo il raggiungimento della soddisfazione dei suoi Clienti, attraverso il rispetto dei requisiti contrattuali che con loro intercorrono. A tale fine ha progettato ed applica, un Sistema di Gestione per la Qualità E Igiene Alimentare che permette di esprimere, attraverso adeguate Procedure, la volontà di fornire ai Clienti un servizio rispondente alle loro reali esigenze.
È precisa responsabilità della Direzione Aziendale definire e diffondere la Politica per la Qualità e le modalità con cui perseguire gli obiettivi definiti.

Yes Food Srl ha attivato un Sistema di Gestione integrato qualità secondo la norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 e rintracciabilità di filiera in riferimento alla norma UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 integrato con l’Autocontrollo aziendale H.A.C.C.P.


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